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Welcome to eBuffet. Your Source for Buffet Tables, Cabinets & Sideboards.

Featured Buffet Tables
English Country Buffet Table
  List Price: $1,885.00
  Our Price: $1,245.00
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Featured Buffet Cabinets
Four Door Buffet Cabinet
  List Price: $2,775.00
  Our Price: $1,685.00
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Clearance Sale

                  List Price: $2,530.00
                  Our Price: $1,585.00
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                  List Price: $1,985.00
                  Our Price: $1,295.00
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That someone mentioned above would be me. I am on the market for a sideboard but I don't really have the money for it. I know, I've tried the whole "no sideboard" thing but I can't see that working out. My couch seems so bare without a buffet [...]    Read More

Antique Buffet Fit for a Modern Person

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A Discount Buffet Table For Those On A Budget

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Welcome to eBuffet, the number one online resource for quality home buffets and sideboard tables.  We have the best selection of quality buffet tables and sideboard tables offered at great prices.  Our selection is unbeatable with over 100 different buffet furniture pieces to choose from, making it easy to find the buffet table of your dreams.  We strive to create a unique and wide selection of some of the best buffet tables, hutches and sideboards out there.

Buffet tables and sideboard tables are in high demand because they are a great way to spruce up an empty hallway or room.  They provide ample display space to show off your accents, accessories and picture frames while still offering great storage solutions with shelves, drawers and cabinets.  We also carry a great selection of hutches to display fine china and other accents.  Hutches work well in many rooms like the kitchen and dining room.  They provide great storage possibilities that will lessen the clutter in the kitchen and dining area.  The buffet tables come in a variety of styles such as contemporary, antique, mission style to traditional.  The different styles along with the variety of sizes allow every home to experience the benefits and beauty of owning their own buffet table of china hutch.  All of the buffet tables, hutches and sideboards offered are top quality and made of solid hardwood.  This will ensure that your purchase will last you for many years to come.

Buffet tables and hutches are magnificent pieces of furniture that create a luxurious and welcoming feel in any room as well as providing great storage and utility.  That is why we feel that every home should have a buffet table or hutch.  To help make this possible we offer every piece of buffet furniture that we carry at discount prices.  This way every homeowner can find the perfect buffet table, sideboard or kitchen hutch in the size and style they want at the price they can afford.  Our customer service staff is ready to take your calls and answer any questions you may have about any buffet that we carry.  We are here to make sure that your shopping experience is hassle and stress free from beginning to end.  So happy buffet shopping and we hope you find the buffet table, hutch or sideboard of your dreams here at!

Some of the products we carry here at include:

Sideboards - Sideboards are another name for buffet cabinets and buffet tables. A buffet cabinet style sideboard will give you great storage space, while simultaneously providing a handy tabletop for your dinner parties. A buffet table style sideboard will give you more floor space and take up less room, while giving you drawer storage for small items and that handy tabletop for your entertaining needs. At eBuffet, we are passionate about all buffet furniture, so we have selected top of line sideboards for you to choose from to find the perfect style for your home. Whether you have a rustic wood, antique, traditional or contemporary interior design style in your home, we have great sideboards for you to choose from. Of course, our sideboards come in a variety of finishes as well, so you can not only choose the craftsmanship style that works for your decor, but you can select a finish that will work for your home.

Buffet Tables - Buffet tables or sideboards are a popular item here at eBuffet, because no matter what size your dining room, almost everyone has space for this dining room accent piece. A buffet table will effortlessly upgrade your home, because it is a classic piece of furniture that has never gone out of style, and never fails to make your house guests feel welcome. Buffet tables usually come with one to six drawers for storing your small items, such as extra flatware or your entertaining accent pieces. A buffet table will take up very little floor space in comparison to a buffet hutch or buffet cabinet, but they are so functional. They give you that extra tabletop for your entertaining, so that you have somewhere special to put your guests' offerings or extra food dishes. are a perfect addition to any living room or dining room.  You can find your perfect wood, antique, traditional, or contemporary buffet table here at eBuffet, in a variety of finishes to match your existing furniture.

Buffet Cabinets - Buffet cabinets or sideboards can give you the best of both worlds for buffet furniture. A buffet cabinet will give you great storage capacity while providing that extra tabletop for your festive occasions and large meals. A buffet cabinet will take up a little more space than a buffet table, but it takes less space than a buffet hutch. With a buffet cabinet, you will have a convenient place to store extra dishes, glasses, or any other items you would like to put away and keep your house clutter-free. You can find buffet cabinets crafted in all styles here at eBuffet, including rustic wood, traditional, antique, and modern styles to match your existing dining room, living room, or kitchen furniture.  You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as distressed black, dark walnut, antique pine, french blue, and many others. With so many choices, we hope that you can find your perfect buffet cabinet here at eBuffet and upgrade your home with a great piece of buffet furniture.

Hutches – Are you looking for a classic kitchen hutch? This popular buffet design is great for the homeowner looking for extra storage space and a nook to display fine China or precious keepsakes. Hutches are generally constructed of a spacious buffet cabinet on the bottom, and a display frame on top of the cabinet. If you would like a place to store your extra dishes, glasses, entertaining ware, or anything else that needs a place to be put away, then a hutch is for you. And the display frame is the perfect place to show off that beautiful China set or any other objets d’art you want to enjoy seeing everyday. Hutches are generally placed in the dining room or kitchen, but they can be put in living rooms or any room you want really. Whether you use them for buffet purposes or just want a great storage solution, check out the selection of hutches here at eBuffet. We carry hutches in all sizes and styles to match any unique home décor.

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